Miyoung Choi Kim

Principal of Dasom Korean School in Sunnyvale CA Ex-President of the National Association for Korean Schools

When I learned that VANK started the “Bring Korea to the US Classroom” website, I was really glad and felt that one of my unsolved questions was finally answered. My Korean school students would often ask me where they can find right information about Korea, including Korean history, culture, people, and economic and social issues. They want to be able to introduce and share about Korea to their friends and teachers in day school.
I think “Bring Korea to the US Classroom” will be the answer for those students who want to find information about Korea and share it with their friends. They can also use the information to correct the distorted Korean history they find in American textbooks. Through the website, Korean and American students will gain better knowledge and understanding each other, leading to stronger ties between two countries and a brighter future.

Rosa Kim

Principal, Silicon Valley Korean School

Korea is a “hidden country” in the American school curriculum. There are few resources for Korean American students to learn about their mother country. For the past 20 years, VANK has worked hard to spread Korean history and culture to the world through its world maps and unique publications. Our Korean school students have learned a lot using VANK resources and gained pride in their cultural identity. I truly believe that this new website will be another great resource for American and Korean-American students. The website will help students to understand the only divided country in the world and work together for global peace.

Hye Kyung Won

Principal, NJ Hunmin Korean Culture School

We would like to thank VANK for creating the website “Bring Korea to the US Classroom”.
This website will provide Korean-American students as well as other U.S. students the resources to learn more about Korea, as well as serve as a tool to correct inaccuracies regarding Korea’s history.
We are excited for the future of this website and look forward to its growth.

Hyunjin Jenna Kang-Graham

Global Social Media Marketer, Morning Star Pacific Consulting

I’ve been working to connect Korea and the United States by supporting VANK’s campaigns for over the past decade and promoting tourism to the United States to Koreans. Understanding the history and culture of others is the best and the only way to build friendship and make our world a better and more peaceful place to live. VANK’s Bring Korea to the U.S. classroom website is designed to help you learn about the Korean people, their culture, and history. Find inspiration for yourself from the historical figures and success stories of Korea. Expanding your horizons will help you make a difference in the world and make your mark on global history.

Dr. Jezreel Kang-Graham

Global Communication Consultant, Morning Star Pacific Consulting

VANK is an important organization in Korea, Asia, and the world, because it is dedicated to promoting history and global peace efforts. As a communication expert and media personality, I understand the strategies for communicating globally, and so I admire VANK’s ability to communicate about these issues to a global audience. With this new website, VANK is continuing to use the latest communications technology to create relationships between different global audiences and to promote the basic principle that spreading knowledge can create a better understanding between different cultures and peoples. Take a look at the website, learn, and then use your knowledge to join the global conversation about a better future.

Hyunjoo Hwang

President, National Association Korean School Northern Eastern Chapter Principal, Korean School of New Jersey
4th Grade Teacher, Renaissance School One Paterson, New Jersey

The “Bring Korea to the US Classroom” program is a huge step in the right direction in creating a platform to educate Korean-American and American students alike. VANK brings invaluable tools to the classroom that covers a wide array of topics such as culture, history, and current events about Korea. The website gives students accurate and meaningful content to learn more about Korea, meanwhile providing educators the means to enhancing their own curriculum when it comes to teaching students about Korea. One of the best parts of the program is the connection that students are able to build between Korea and the rest of the world with articles that help give context to the importance of Korea on the global stage. I look forward to using the website as I teach the next generation of students about Korea and its rich heritage and history.

SooJin Kim

New York Church Korean School, Principal / Bronx Charter School for Better Learning, Korean Language Teacher / Queens Library, Korean Language Instructor

A few days ago, I came across an America’s Got Talent video that featured a beautiful girl who was deaf. How can she sing if she can’t hear? She took her shoes off on stage and when the judges asked her why she took her shoes off, she said that she can feel the vibrations through the floor. She stated that this is how she feels the rhythm and beats to the song so that she can sing. Then she proceeded to sing “try” written by herself. It was the most beautiful song I’ve ever heard. The audience were giving her a standing ovation while the judges were just in awe of her talent. This is very similar to what VANK achieved for a long time. Just like how she took her shoes off to listen, VANK has always been there to listen and solve all problems. Even from correcting historical facts, to filling in the small gaps and holes there might be in the all-around the world. As a teacher who has been teaching Korean Americans and Non-Korean students, I just want to show my sincere appreciation for the hardwork and dedication of each and every member of this amazing organization. Now I am giving you a standing ovation!

Susanna Y, Park

Spotlight Korea

VANK’s “Bring Korea to the US Classroom” website is indispensable to those who want to learn more about Korea. The website seeks to address misconceptions about Korea while also providing an array of resources for all students, including sections for history, economics, social issues, and even popular culture. I look forward to the growth of “Bring Korea to the US Classroom” as an invaluable tool for anyone curious about Korea’s multi-faceted history and culture

Yoon Hyun (Allison) Cho

Associate at Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy

Despite growing interest in Korean culture, discussion of Korean history and economy is often overlooked. I’m excited to see the launch of the website that will serve as a useful platform to learn and share information about Korea.

I hope people will capitalize on this opportunity and get access to the wealth of information this website has to offer!

Congratulations to Vank team and thank you for your effort!

Yeji Nam

Dental Student at University at Buffalo

I am so excited to see this new website from VANK with lots of useful information about Korea, especially since I graduated from a US secondary school without learning much about Korea. If you are looking to learn more about Korea with an easy access, this is the place to be! Check out the past and the present of Korea, and especially the connection between US and Korea.

Hyonchang Kim

Brandeis University

The new VANK website has so much to learn about Korea ranging from its history to recent news. I think this website is a must-go site to someone who wants to learn about Korea. This “Bring Korea to US classroom” website is different from other informational websites because it not only corrects misunderstandings and false information about Korea but also easily provides the most up-to-date information. The website is easy to use with clear categories and well, who doesn’t want to learn more about Korea? This will be a great website for instructors to start looking for what to teach students and for students to do research about Korea. Congratulations to VANK for a successful launch of a new website!

Jinseon Kim

Researcher at MGH/Harvard Medical School

As one of the main founders of the ‘May we speak’ website that also targets foreigners, I’m so excited that VANK established a website about Korea that gears towards wider audience and that contains more general information ranging from its history to current issues. Having received education from both Korea and US, I’m so grateful for this website, as it will serve as a key resource for students from various backgrounds to learn more about Korea. I’m happy to see that it also acts as an informant to those who are interested in seeing the connection between Korea and US, especially when Korea-US relationship is at its crucial point. I hope to see this website widely used by Koreans and Americans alike to learn and share accurate information about Korea.

Keren Choi

 El Centro Korean School

This website is doing a crucial role to introduce the distorted history of Korea. It is said that history generally focuses on the story of winners and powerful nations. As a weak country, the truth of Korea was buried, and even today only parts of its history are known true to the world. They are biased and only show what is successful. To improve this, the “VANK” site is very well taking on the role of a pioneer in changing the untold histories. Through the “VANK”, I hope that the right and objective history of East Asia, including Korea, will become known to the world.

Jong-mi Lee

General Manager of Overseas Koreans Foundation

VANK’s latest website ‘Bring Korea to the US classroom’ is a new initiative to introduce the Korean culture and history to the world.

The website was created in order to bridge the gap between English speaking teenagers who are curious and interested in the Korean culture and history. The website will also be utilized as a public relations platform for 800 Korean language schools which are spread throughout the United States of America.

The Overseas Korean Foundation looks forward to working with Vank in spreading awareness of the Korean culture and history through these various initiatives and activities.

If you have any comments or reviews about this site, feel free to email us at school@prkorea.org